Monday, November 12, 2018

Toefieldillustration Drawing Stream Episode 12

Since I have some extra time. I'm going to work on some #comicart on a #stream in the next eight minutes on #twitch . I'll be working also on my comic that's inspired by #dungeonsanddragons called Catacomb Champions.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Comic Illustration 24

Hey Guys,

It looks like #inktober2018 is winding down. I've had some fun adding my images to the #inktober event. I"ve been #coloring my #webcomicin black and white. It's called Catacomb Champions. You can find more at

Comic Illustration 23

Hey Everyone,
Here is some more #illustration work for my comic I"m working on. I'm just going to also post this stuff for my #inktober2018 event. This is my first#inktober . It's called Catacomb Champions. You can find more

Toefieldillustration Drawing Stream Episode 11

Here is my 

#stream where I create #comics and other #illustration work. Since It's in black and white, it fits perfectly in with #inktober2018 . This is actually my first #inktober . You can find more at, It aired at 9:30 last night on Wed

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Comic Illustration 22

Hey Guys,
This my next installment of my #webcomic . I normally haven't done an#inktober even so this #inktolber2018 is my first. I"ve been #coloring my#comic in black and white. It's a #fantasy styled comic called Catacomb Champions. You can find more at