Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hi! My name is Toefield Not Watertownronin

It's the summer time, I just finished moving a bunch of furniture form our van and I've forgotten how warm it can get. lol. On the upside  I started this new blog! I started scratch again since a lot of podcast that  I've listened to (Ninja Mountain, WIP, Art and Story etc) mentioned that art directors like to look at your blog and see what you've been working on lately. The podcast also talk about how blogs are normally update a lot more often then an artist website. I also on a personal note felt that I sounded silly describing myself as Watertownronin.

I mean I kinda liked it a few years ago back when the only place that people could find me was on Deviantart.com but I really don't spend any time there. Well actually, I do make sure to update my Deviantart account with work that I think will look nice in black and white or in color but since I couldn't  get any any  commission work at Deviantart at all  whatsoever(believe me I tried:) I just started getting tired of continuing to go there unless I'm looking for inspiration. Kinda felt like I was spinning my wheels. Anyways I'm not having a pity party I'm just trying to give some context for this change.

I've also managed to "streamline" how many categories that I have on my blog to. Back when my blog was watertownroninstudio.blogspot.com I had pretty much everything here. From sketches to graphic designs. Now while I don't loath graphic design per say....I did want to focus an illustration blog in a way where everything kinda fit together in terms of visual cues. I'm still on the fence about if I should have a sketch section or not though. A lot of my drawings get immediately inked since a lot of my pencils are are kinda loose now and I find myself refining the drawing at the inking stage.

As far as the blog is concerned though I'm going to try and focus on placing artwork here that is made with me being as natural as possible. That means there's going to be a lot of cartooning and comic art here :) I"m probably going to leave out anything that I've drawn for the purpose of table top gaming unless the perceived finished product will have a very comic book look. Otherwise I'll leave it out I think. Maybe I"ll place it on CGHUB.COM or something and erase a lot of what I have there already. I"m also going to make a really strong effort not to leave any character designs sitting on a page just floating in space. I need to start grounding them a little. It doesn't have to be a full background but I really need to break myself out of all that nonsense where characters are just floating around in nothingness. I also want to leave any black and white drawings on the blog as well. Don't get me wrong I'll show off a lot of inking but maybe it'll be a better idea to show the inked version as part of a set of process pages or something. Or maybe I'll make it a practice to never post any black and white line work unless it's in the currently area and to only show it in the other tabs if I've already colored the image and can show them side by side. Yes! I'll do that! Well I know this is like putting a message in a bottle since I didn't keep any of my contacts from the last blog but there weren't many people looking at it anyways. lmao.

Later Guys.