Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Monsters in the Closet

There was an old movie that came out back in the Ninties that stared Fred Savage. In the movie the boy found out that not only was there a monster in his closet but there was a magical world that could only be entered by using the closets of children as gateways. In that spirit I created this image and I thought it was child friend enough that it would appeal to a younger market.

I also wanted to go back to basics and to start cell shading. I think that some projects that require a lot of rendering takes me a lot longer to complete. The consequences of that I think is that I can lose motivation because of the length of time involved. The other issue that pops up is that the artwork ends up not being completed.

Also I'm starting to think that if I get a a nice set of shadows in an image the actual softening of the changes from one plane to another, one color to another can be added later. What's important is that the values and the shapes in the image look decent even without the softening which in a lot of situations can be just polish in the end.

With all of that in mind I"m going to post my black and white line drawing, the step process that I used to create it, and finally the finish illustration.