Friday, July 20, 2012

Concept Art Costume Design

Recently I just got a gig doing some costume design for a comic series for a comic called The Dreadnought Series. I was given some image reference and told to run with the concept as long as I listen to input from the client. This image is also mostly created in Photoshop with my Wacom Tablet. The only portion of this assignment that was completed analog was the rough sketches of the male and female forms. The sketches of the clothing, inking and ultimately all the coloring was done digitally. Normally I would have done all the drawing in analog which is normally where my strength lies. I wanted to this this job though as an opportunity to spread my horizons and get more experience drawing digitally since It could ultimately be turned from a weakness (drawing digitally) to a strength. In any case, I think that design came out well and I'll try to get more work like this (as well as some sequential work) in the future.