Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Mice Templar FanArt

I want to keep busy these days. I think a good way to do that would be to regularly post on my blog of the images that I've created. Actually it's more like I've read or listened to podcast that say I should be doing that. :) Anyways I've been working on some fanart that bridges the gap between job to job. It also has the added bonus of giving me something to do that's creative instead of playing Dynasty Warriors Gundam. :) With that in mind I've finished the black and white image of a scene from the graphic novel called The Mice Templar. This scene is of the fabled battle of Avalon which is a central event in the story.
I really like the way the image turned out and I'll cell shade this image in a couple of days. I'm also working on a Super Mario piece of fanart that I think is pretty cool. Enjoy guys.