Thursday, November 29, 2012

Super Mario WIP

I've been working on coloring between freelance work and school work. I think I had to not take myself so seriously when coloring images. I tend to at images like Ralph Horsley and Todd Lockwood, and Dan Dos Santos. These artist are monsters when it comes to illustration. So when I start coloring sometimes, I find myself shorting my own efforts because I compare my work to there's. This would normally result in me starting over continuously until I just scrap the effort and begin working on something else. It's very important to not rest on your laurels but it can be paralyzing if you are too abusive on your efforts to be good. Here is my Super Mario image that I"m working on. I'm almost complete with it but, I got so excited by the idea that I should put my work into perspective instead of downplaying my images that I want to show where it is right now.