Monday, December 31, 2012

Oh that reminds me....

This totally slipped my mind. Earlier in the semester I met James Gurney. At first I wasn't a big fan of his work per say, but since I've been going to school at Montgomery I've purchased some of his books. His book Imaginative Realism was very interesting to read and pretty much gave you an overview of his process. I loved looking at his color thumbnails from that book. He also works with a lot of sculptures or preliminary models so he can create the lighting effects he wants in order to take good image reference for his paintings.
The other book that I purchased "Color and Light" was in my opinion the more informative of the two books. I find that I have to read some parts of the book more then once in order to mentally grasp what he's talking about. he talks about evening painting in an overcast environment which is suppose to be the most challenging images to create because of the absence of strong light sources.
His talk seemed to cover a lot of the information involved in his Imaginative realism book which was good. He also provided some useful links to sites and communities to check out once your ready to begin working on freelance work. I also wanted to take a moment to comment about how ridiculous his sketch book is. He seems to like doing quick color sketches with paints. Using paints for sketches sort of takes me by surprise because I always thought that taking paints with me is just a little too cumbersome to be used but I seems that I'm wrong on that point. In any case, I took a picture with Mr. Gurney and some friends of mine that happened to be at the seminar.