About Me

Hey Everyone, 

I'm Charles Toefield. I'm a Frederick Maryland Illustrator.
I spend my time working on the following types of projects. 

How To Contact Me:

Phone: 240-329-8603
Email: Toefieldillustration@gmail.com

To Hire Me. You can Email Me Or Buy My Services From My Store. 

My Education:

Montgomery College (Ongoing)
Associate of Applied Science (Graphic Design)

The Graphic Design degree prepares the student for employment in the field of graphic communication. 
Emphasis is placed on the creative application of design principles and problem solving. 
Use of both Traditional and industry standard digital tools. 

Montgomery College (Ongoing)
Associate of Applied Science (Illustration)

The Illustration tracks prepares the student for work in a variety of illustration markets including narrative, animation, gaming sequential, editorial, advertising and concept art. 
Emphasis is placed on creating visual interpretation of subjects, conceptualizing, communicating. 
Additional duties range from refining technicals skills using both traditional and digital media while preparing a portfolio.