Character Design

What is Character Design?

Character creation (also character generation or character design) is the process of defining a character for games, toys, comics or graphic novels. The below section shows off  Illustration work I've used in comic and graphic novel projects in the Frederick Maryland area and abroad.

What's Playground?

Playground is an all ages comic and graphic novel written by Adam Rose. The comic tells the tale of a boy named Felix Tremendez . In the comic Felix gains the uncanny ability to use child games as a super power. The book is scheduled to be published by Markosia. When the book is released it should be distributed nationwide to include the Frederick Maryland area.

What is The Open Window?

The Open Window is a personal project from an Illustration class. The comic or graphic novel is an adaption of an original story was written by Saki.The comic tells the story of a very excited young man who encounters a devious young girl. The comic will begin with black and white illustration work then move to color later. The book will start out as a tabloid mini comic. When the full story arc is complete I'll market and sell the graphic novel in the surrounding Frederick Maryland area.

This piece of concept art was a mascot idea that I originally planned to use as part of a marketing campaign.